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Wednesday 20 March 2019 | 10:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday 21 March 2019 | 9:00am – 4:00pm


Understanding which technologies to buy can be difficult.

You know the problems your organisation is facing, but how can you possibly know about all the different technologies that will solve these problems? How can you differentiate between one supplier and the next? And how can you make sure that you invest your money on the RIGHT solutions for your organisation?

With so much to choose from, it represents a BIG challenge. So….what’s the answer?


Simple….visit a BIG expo!

The National FutureSchools Expo is Victoria’s largest education showcase, bringing together 80+ suppliers over 2 days.

The Expo offers the unique chance to see a wide range of solutions side-by-side, allowing you to both identify the technologies that are right for you, and which vendors you want to partner with.

If you want to save time and money, there’s only one place you need to go in 2019… a must attend for the entire K-12 schools sector:

  • Principals and Deputy / Assistant Principals

  • Teachers

  • K-12 executive teams

  • SEN coordinators (SENCOs)

  • Curriculum Leaders

  • ICT Managers / Integrators / Facilitators


What Will You See At The Expo?

  • Teaching and learning Solutions

  • ICT infrastructure, Wi-Fi, Network

  • Smartphones and mobile devices

  • Learning apps, games, interactive technologies

  • eLearning

  • Innovative new technologies

  • Media and content management solutions

  • School Administration solutions

  • Professional Development for Teachers

  • Library Management Solutions

  • Special Needs Equipment and Services

  • Furniture and Equipment

  • Learning toys and aids

  • Buildings, Architecture, Learning Spaces

  • Facilities Management, Aircon

  • Security, CCTV, Access Control, Warning Systems


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