Masterclasses: 22 March 2017

Conferences & Expo: 23 - 24 March 2017

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




DAY ONE – Thursday 23 March 2017


08.30 | Registration


8:50 |  Welcome and Opening Remarks by Congress Chair

Jenny Luca,  eLearning Leader,  Wesley College (VIC) 


9:00 |  Educating the Whole Child: The Role of the Arts, Nature and Place-Based Learning

  • Explore global trends and challenges in contemporary education
  • Experience the leading edge of innovation in schools
  • Effectively respond to student, community and global need
Dr. Milton Chen, Senior Fellow & Exec. Dir., Emeritus, The George Lucas Educational Foundation (USA)


9:30 |  Enterprise Skills: The New Work Order

  • Identify the entrepreneurial skills required by today’s youth and workforce
  • Immerse yourself in leading research and insights into the changing enterprise
  • Adapt and respond in the face of rapid technological and workplace change
Jan Owen AM , CEO, Foundation for Young Australians


10:00 |  Learning Environments: Optimising Places and Spaces for Learning

  • Hear the "Language of School Design" from the world authority on learning spaces
  • Adapt your learning environments in today’s context
  • Access a greater range of learning modalities in your school
Prakash Nair , Founding President, Fielding Nair International


10:30 | Morning tea and Exhibition viewing




11.25 | Welcome and Opening Remarks, Special Needs and Inclusion Conference Chair – Day 1

Kieran Nolan , Educational Technologist, Wooranna Park Primary School

11:30 |  Bridging the education equity gap for vulnerable students through music and arts programs

  • Lifting academic performance, school attendance, social-emotional wellbeing and community involvement
  • Opening opportunities to participate in music and the arts to enhance students’ education, personal development and community involvement
  • Giving children the best possible start and every opportunity to succeed in life with tailored, high-quality music and arts programs
Deborah Nicolson, Director of Programs, The Song Room


11:50 |  Deploying a Sustainable Approach to counter Bullying

  • Enabling students to analyse and take control of emotions
  • Preparing students responding effectively against bullies
  • Providing skills to last a lifetime
Sacha Kaluri, Director, The Motivational Company


12:10 | Panel Discussion – Creating environments for special needs students to flourish and thrive

  • Making the best investment through providing exemplary and holistic education
  • "Whole child" focus – developing, supporting, valuing and recognising students academically, physically, socially and emotionally
  • Deploying innovative and purposeful programmes to the classroom

Panel Chair:

Kieran Nolan , Educational Technologist,  Wooranna Park Primary School 


Deborah Nicolson , Director of Programs, The Song Room
Karina Barley, Lecturer, Inclusive and Special Education, Monash University
Daren Mallett, Director, Digital Innovations, Hillcrest Christian College


12:40 | Lunch and Exhibition viewing



During the breakout session delegates split into smaller groups where they have the option to attend one of three workshops OR three Roundtable Discussions. Roundtables are small group discussions focused on a particular topic and directed by a central table host who guides the conversation and facilitates questions and answers from participants. Roundtables run in three rotations of 30 minutes each. Delegates pre-select breakout sessions ahead of the event so they cover the issues and topics that matter most to them.





16:05 | Afternoon Tea and Exhibition viewing



16:45 |  Welcome back by Conference Chair


16:50 |  Enabling and Unveiling STEM innovation: Tech Schools Victoria

  • Learn how the Vic Government’s $128M Tech Schools initiative is lifting learning
  • Hear how Tech Schools are responding to the changing economy
  • See where early exposure to Tech and Engineering can take students
Marita Chen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 2Mar Robotics


17:10 |  Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities: a fresh perspective on Australian school education

  • New AITSL CEO, Lisa Rodgers, shares her observations on the strengths of Australian schools, systems and sectors
  • Lisa shares her views on the challenges to be met and opportunities to be seized to improve student outcomes
Lisa Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)  


17:30 | End of Conference Day One


17:35 | Networking Drinks in Exhibition Hall



DAY TWO – Friday 24 March 2017




08.50 | Welcome and Opening Remarks by the Future Leaders Conference Chair – Day 2




9:00 |  Building richer lives for autistic students through Minecraft

  • Dispelling the myths and facing uncomfortable truths about inclusion
  • Key principles and recommendations to make inclusion work
  • Addressing key issues around inclusion in schools
Kieran Nolan, Educational Technologist, Wooranna Park Primary School


9:20 |  NAO Robotics in the High Support Needs classes: Enriching and Engaging Students with Complex Needs

  • Providing students with unique learning opportunities to communicate, collaborate and make connections with their world
  • Applying a 21st century learning tool to personalise and enable learning
  • Using assistive technology to enhance interaction, connection, access and participation
  • Finding solutions to the complex challenges of learning, teaching and student engagement
Mary Cutts, Director Diverse Learning Needs & Michelle Trefler, Creative Pedagogies, Specialist Teacher High Support Needs, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta


9:40 |  Language as a Strategy to Increase Inclusion in Schools

  • Build a strong positive school culture
  • Increase a sense of belonging and inclusion
  • How leaders across all levels can play a role

Narissa Leung , Principal, Guildford and Campbells Creek Primary Schools, Castlemaine


10:00 |  Encouraging independence and inclusivity through Accessibility tools for Diverse Learners

  • Developing out-of-the-box accessibility tools to support learners with additional needs
  • Enabling students to access knowledge across various points of relevance and preference
  • Improving learning experiences through uplifting student voice and autonomy

Kim Martin , Digital Learning Coordinator, Star of the Sea School and Senior Assistive Technology Coordinator, CanDo4Kids


10:25 |  Creating a secure space for autistic students

  • Appreciate autism from the student’s perspective
  • Cater to different learning styles
  • Apply educational strategies, including sensory strategies

Karina Barley , Lecturer, Inclusive and Special Education, Monash University


10:45 | Morning tea and Exhibition viewing




11:30 |  Harnessing the wisdom and skills of older generations to inspire the next generation

  • Connecting volunteers with a desire to make a difference with at risk young people over-burdened by the school system
  • Bringing communities closer together, raising literacy and numeracy standards and equipping young people with the life skills they need
  • Mentoring and learning support to provide life-changing experiences and unlocking educational potential

Christine McGlade, EdConnect Liaison Officer, EdConnect Australia


11:50 | Tap into Collaboration Opportunities with Parents – A Mother’s Perspective

  • How teachers can lead by example
  • Stressing the inclusion agenda
  • Enriching lives, supporting families and fulfilling aspirations
Melissa Smith , Disability Advocate & Parent/Carer

12:10 |  Panel Discussion – Involving parents and communities to strengthen the impact of learning

  • How can we involve parents of vulnerable families or students with special needs?
  • Involving the community – are we ready?
  • How can agencies provide support to learners with special needs?

Panel Chair:

Kieran Nolan , Educational Technologist,  Wooranna Park Primary School 


Melissa Smith, Disability Advocate & Parent/Carer
Christine McGlade, EdConnect Liaison Officer, EdConnect Australia
Dale Sadler, Author, “Bullying - The Game Changer” & Deputy Principal, NSW Department of Education


12:40 | Lunch and Exhibition viewing




14:15 | Welcome back by Conference Chair


14:20 |  Inspiring and Motivating Students from Economically and Culturally Challenged Backgrounds

  • Empathising and helping under privileged migrant students overcome adversities
  • Empowering students to take charge of their experiences
  • Helping students build and pursue their dreams

Jamal Lazaar , Success Expert, Success with Jamal


14:40 |  Inclusion Strategies for Highly Gifted Students

  • 21st century technologies to support and provide a voice for gifted student
  • Allowing gifted students to be accepted and understood
  • Tactics to better include gifted students

Daren Mallett, Director, Digital Innovations, Hillcrest Christian College


15:00 |  Bullying, the Game Changer: Prevention as the best Special Needs Remedy  

  • Nipping bullying at the bud to reduce special needs
  • New mindset to combat bullying in a student friendly way
  • Empowering victims and alerting bystanders through preventative programs

Dale Sadler, Author, “Bullying - The Game Changer” & Deputy Principal, NSW Department of Education


15:20 | Afternoon Tea and Exhibition viewing


16:00 | Move to plenary room for combined session with Future Leaders and Special Needs and Inclusion Conferences



16:05 |  Framework for Inclusion at Schools

  • Dispel inclusion myths, and face some of the uncomfortable truths about inclusion
  • Learn key principles and recommendations to make inclusion work
  • Find out how to address key issues around inclusion in schools
Bronwyn Harcourt, Principal, Croydon Community School 2013 Victorian Principal of the Year


16:25 |  Unleashing the power of Video Self Modelling (VSM) : Framework for positive behaviour

  • Uncover the growth story of the meTV model to drive Positive Behaviour into mainstream education
  • Understand the framework for positive support and behaviour modelling
  • Adopt a systematic and holistic approach to VSM that changes classrooms and schools
Shane Spence, State-wide Co-ordinator - School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports, Department of Education and Training, Victoria  


16:45 |  Disrupting the Model of Education : Moving Beyond Student Voice to Student Empowerment

  • Discover the magic of student empowerment and how to overcome disengagement and apathy
  • Learn how to change the rules by removing year levels and introducing individual learning plans
  • Build a supportive community and turn students’ ideas into reality
Peter Elllis, Principal - Strategic Implementation , Templestowe College


17:05 |  Insights from the AIEF Compendium : Achieving Successful Outcomes with Indigenous Students

  • Hear key findings from the AIEF Compendium, identifying critical factors in successful Year 12 completions
  • Examine successful transitions from school to careers among Indigenous boarding students
  • See why AIEF’s retention and Year 12 completion rates are far above the national averages
Renee Coffey,  General Manager, Strategy and Policy, Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF)


17:30 | End of Conference Day Two




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