Navigating School Transformation
Understanding the why, what and how of school wide transformation - and how to make it meaningful and manageable!

Claire Amos
Albany Senior High School

Miranda Makin
Acting Principal
Albany Senior High School



From transforming traditional schools to start-up schools, Claire has done it all.

Driven by her researched, human-centred approach, Miranda brings years of experience leading change and innovation in schools.

Attend this masterclass to find out how to navigate school transformation – whether it be redesigning the classroom, transforming your school or digitizing education, this is your one-stop-shop on getting started in your school.


Who Should Attend?

  • Principals/Deputies/Assistant Principals
  • Middle Leaders
  • Teachers

Why Attend?

  • Understand why schools need to change
  • Understand how change happens for schools, in schools, and how/where to make a start?
  • Gain practical strategies for planning for and making change happen
  • Walk away with practical strategies for leading meaningful AND manageable change


What to bring?

Please BYO laptop device, not just a tablet or iPad. Wireless internet is provided.


9:00 | Arrival

9:30 | Commencement and Group Introduction

9:45 | Session 1: WHY: The Digital Blue Yonder

In this session Claire will share her vision about what is on the educational horizon and how exponential technology and the future of work demands a change in how we live, teach and learn. This will be followed by round table discussions about what you think is on the horizon for your schools and communities and how you can leverage these opportunities for your learners.

Learning Outcomes: What should the group walk away with in this session?

  • Develop an understanding about the future of education
  • Learn about emerging technologies
  • Gain practical strategies for using exponential technologies in your school

11:00 | Morning Tea & Networking 

12:00 | Session 2: WHAT: Developing your critical lens on powerful learning

In this session we will look at how educational leaders can establish what is and what isn’t working in their school. Claire will share the process she used mid 2018 as a new Principal to identify opportunities that would strengthen Albany Senior High School’s reputation as a world leading school. It is important for a school already recognised for its student-centered innovations and strong academic performance to continue to grow through self reflection and review. Claire made observations using the template for “powerful learning” to ready the school for change to move to the next level in 2019. Her observations were shared with the staff, then translated into a series of observations and opportunities. This will be followed by an opportunity for educational leaders to develop their own template for observing “powerful learning” in their school context.

Learning Outcomes: What should the group walk away with in this session?

  • Understand what data matters when considering school change
  • Design your observational template for sharing ‘your lens on powerful learning’
  • Gain practical strategies for turning observations into opportunities

1:00 | Lunch Break 

1:45 | Session 3: HOW: Professional Inquiry for teacher learning and system transformation

In this session we will look at how a collaborative inquiry framework can be used to develop teacher capabilities that are needed to transform practice. Miranda will take you through an inquiry process for building effective teaching in traditional and non traditional settings. Workshop participants will undertake a mini inquiry engaging in the process while using real cases that demonstrate transformed practice.

Learning Outcomes: What should the group walk away with in this session?

  • Gain a basic understanding of professional inquiry
  • Gain an understanding about how professional inquiry can be used as a mechanism for leading meaningful and manageable school-wide change for improvement
  • Walk away with practical strategies for leading sustained transformation in practice

4:00 | Conclusion

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