Conquering The Icecap: A Neuroleadership Perspective

Judi Newman
The Place Neuroleadership Academy



Neuroscience research has exploded in the leadership and learning arena in the last 15 years. Judi shows where Neuroscience, Psychology and Education intersect to inform leadership practice to build leadership capacity in others. Leadership is about influence not authority. We can no longer lead by telling others what to do. How do you develop other leaders: (i) who can influence and inspire others to change behaviours; (ii) who are strategic and not just relying on their personality and experience to lead? Judi summarises the latest research in an easy to understand way and provides practical strategies you can use the next day in school.


Who Should Attend?

  • System leaders
  • Principals
  • Deputy Principals
  • Heads of Departments
  • Heads of Curriculum
  • Lead teachers
  • Inspiring leaders

Why Attend?

  • Understand the latest Psychology, Education and Neuroscience research and where they intersect to inform best leadership practice.
  • Understand how the brain maximises reward and minimises threat, is a dopamine seeking machine and how this impacts on behaviour.
  • Learn how to influence, motivate and inspire others to engage, cooperate, connect and collaborate.
  • Understand how to build capacity in others to be intentional leaders not just accidental managers.
  • Learn how to create conditions for insights.


What to bring?

  • Pen and paper
  • Your brain
  • No technology required but welcome


9:00 | Arrival

9:30 | Commencement and Group Introduction

9:45 | Session 1: How to influence and inspire others

  • The Neuroscience research and our brain
  • Blockers and enablers to behavioural change

Learning Outcomes: To be able to create a setting where it is easier to actively participate than it is to passively resist. To reflect on your own leadership behaviours and impact on others.

11:00 | Morning Tea & Networking 

12:00 | Session 2: Building strategic leaders rather than accidental managers

  • Leadership is about influence not authority
  • Differentiating your leadership approach from Managing, Mentoring and Coaching

Learning Outcomes: To build other leaders around you so everyone is accountable, and everyone is driving the improvement agenda.

1:00 | Lunch Break 

1:45 | Session 3: Coaching the human not the content 

  • Benefits of brain based coaching
  • The impact of Mindset, Trust and Threat
  • Using a PEN (Psychology, Education and Neuroscience) lens
  • Creating conditions for insight

Learning Outcomes: To acknowledge that the human element is the key focus to learning and leadership success.

4:00 | Conclusion

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